Who needs us? 

We know that in the world of customer relationship management, one size does not fit all. So we have training solutions to suit businesses of all sizes, all budgets and from all sectors.

Customers from a wide-range of sectors call on us for training.

Customer service teams who want their Act! to provide their customer service representatives and their management with easy-to-use tools so that they can deliver an efficient, consistent service to customers.

Charities who are using Act! to manage fund-raising and donations.

Marketing professionals who use Act! to help them deliver impactful marketing campaigns and consistent communications. 

Sales-based organisations who want to make the most of the customer relationship management solution to streamline leads, customer management and business processes, and ensure accurate recording of sales-related activities and interactions.

Professional services organisations and consultancies who want an integrated solution which helps them to do more with less and increase billable time through tailored project management and reporting.

Small businesses who want to use Act! to track sales opportunities, automate targeted marketing campaigns or improve customer service.

Retail businesses who are using Act! to segment customer data to deliver precision-targeted campaigns and maximising marketing return on investment.

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors and include a wine importing business, a medical equipment manufacturer, an independent financial consultant and a upvc recycling business.

Whatever your business, if you’ve recognised the benefits that Act! can bring, our training will help you to realise them.