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Prospective, new and existing clients ask us many questions about customer relationship management and Act!. Here’s the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you need, simply get in contact with us.

Q I thought Act! was called Sage ACT?

A. It used to be called Sage ACT when it was owned by Sage. But now, Swiftpage owns it and they’ve decided to call the application simply Act!. It’s the same application and if you have a Sage ACT package, it can be supplemented and upgraded with Act!

Q. Where is the Act! training delivered?

A. We come to you. We’ll deliver training at your premises or at a venue you choose, and we use your database as the basis for the training. We can even provide training remotely on a one-to-one basis, using our remote connect solution which allows us to deliver highly focussed CRM training to an individual, according to specific requirements and needs.

Q. Can you customise our Act! package?

A. That’s essentially what we do here at Leviosa. Act! is a broad customer relationship management tool that has many features and functions. What we do is customise that framework of features and functions to give you a CRM system that suits your business’s needs and will deliver maximum benefits. 

Q. Do you have to visit us on-site for our Act! support needs?

A. Not necessarily.  We can support your customer relationship management solution remotely.

Q. How many organisations are using Act!?

A. Millions of small and medium sized businesses are using Act!  to help them access all of their customer data allowing them to be more productive and customer focused so that they could give their customers a premium experience – and win more business

Q. Is your Act! training just for beginners and novices?

A. No. Our training is for all levels of Act! user – from beginners to those who consider themselves to be experts. It’s often the case that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. We like to think that our training produces those light-bulb moments for all users, when they suddenly realise that Act! has a feature and function that they never knew existed. And that kind of learning can be experienced by everyone – from beginners to ‘experts’.

Q. Are all accounting systems compatible with Act!?

A. Generally speaking, yes they are. There are, however, a few accounting systems that aren’t compatible with Act! but we’ll be happy to advise you about this.

Q. Is Act! all there is to customer relationship management?

A. Act! comes out of the box and is a complete customer relationship management solution. However, there are also a range of add-ons and new features that will enhance your business working, such as Helpdesk for Act!, E-marketing and HandHeld Contact. If you want to know about any of these products, talk to us. We can help you.

Q. What happens if I want a new feature for my Act! package and it doesn’t exist?

A. Act! has loads of features and add-ons which we can tell you about; there’s usually a solution to meet your needs. However, if you want your Act! package to do something and there’s no add-on available, don’t worry. Our sister company, Imperium, can develop a solution for your Act! package to give you what you need.