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Think like a wildebeest to survive in business

Surviving in business can be perilous – much like the journey the wildebeest makes every year across the African plains. But it seems the wildebeest is an unlikely business role model.

Be the dominant specie

Wildebeest have become the dominant specie on the Serengeti, shaping the entire landscape. This should be your business aim, making sure you are the go to organisation and helping your customers realise your services are essential to survival, expansion and growth – even the king of the jungle adjusts its situations in the wild around the wildebeest.

Have a survival strategy

Plan ahead and constantly review your plan. Having a good business plan in place will force you to have targets against which you can benchmark your business, help you stay on track or realise that you need to move on. Your survival will also be helped by thinking about what you do differently to your competitors. Don’t let your business stagnate – have good CRM in place and spot new trends.

Navigate through dangerous plains

It can be tough to navigate your business but standing still is not an option to succeed as your competitors will soon take your place. Wildebeest make an annual 1,000-mile migration run across dangerous savannahs, with predators blocking their paths and crossing crocodile-filled rivers. But they make the journey anyway. Making changes and moving forward in business may be scary but it is essential to survival to avoid becoming lion fodder.

Adopt a herd mentality

Make sure you have good people around you – it is critical for survival. These people don’t necessarily have to be on the payroll but people you trust to share your vision. It is the wildebeest’s individual and collective tenacity and endurance that continually drives them forward. Two traits that should be adapted in the business world – humans often give up too easily, but endurance and tenacity it is key component of success.

Growing your herd

Wildebeest move on mass and sometimes the herd has to make sacrifices but their numbers are growing year on year. Caring for your new and young business products is essential to growth, as is knowing key numbers in your operation. This is not just financial but also quantitative measures such as conversion rates, numbers of enquiries or leads or website traffic statistics. In order to grow your business you need to nurture your herd like the wildebeest do – although some sacrifices may be made – constantly measuring everything that moves and even things that don't will mean that you can continue to run free.