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Tackling your CRM with top-flight coaching

For the next two months it is going to be a festival of rugby.

It all kicks off with the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in London on May 20 and 21, followed by the the Aviva Premiership final on May 27 at Twickenham.

And the the British and Irish Lions will be touring New Zealand during June.

Everyone on those rugby pitches will have a specific role to play to get the ball to the right player to get it over the tryline successfully.

And effective CRM enables your team to get the right message to the right person at the right time to achieve your business objectives – that's right... JUST like a game of rugby!

Sure, from the outside it just looks like a bunch of burly men throwing themselves around on the floor or rock hard women delivering bone-crunching tackles to all and sundry.

In reality, the craziness is as choreographed by the coach as the mess of mass data is by a good customer relationship management system.


A good scrum is all about working together. The whole pack needs to be pushing in the same direction to gain territory.

Using a customer and contact manager that can be shared across the business means sales, marketing, accounting, and stock control are all integrated. Your team can now sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot from the same hymn sheet whether in the office or on the road.

Companies with fully aligned sales and marketing departments experience a 20 per cent jump in annual revenue growth. (Aberdeen Group)

And to be fair, your ears are much less like to resemble cauliflowers after a good day at work than the Lions.


Knowing when to pass and when to run is one of the most crucial decisions a player makes. With all the knowledge of their team mates' skills and how the opposition is likely to react, a player decides what direction the game will take.

Similarly customer data collected and collated in a CRM system is used to formulate effective strategies.

If a marketing lead has not yet converted, the powerful CRM tools can identify whether is worth continuing to pursue it or strategically kick it into touch.

Try and conversion

Once the ball is over the line and you have a sale, it is time to kick for the conversion.

The R in CRM is for relationship and converting a customer to a repeat buyer requires attention. Email marketing backed by sound data from CRM – or if you will permit me, a 'lineout' to your customers – reminds your customer that together you are a winning team.

Get top flight play-by-play coaching in the ACT! customer relationship management system from Leviosa. Contact us on 01204 306834 or here.