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Storytelling is key to your customers trusting you

Once upon a time I was asked what the connection was between marketing and customer relationship management.

And the answer I gave was: storytelling.

It is all about communicating in relationships; understanding who you are talking to and what they need.

June is National Share A Story Month, an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and I want to share with you three ways your business needs to be harnessing that power.

Company story: trust

To engage with your business, people have to believe you are who you say you are and can deliver what you claim.

It is vital to present a clear, consistent and truthful representation of your brand especially now so much business is done online rather than face to face.

Unlike a book where a reader tends to trust the narrator until they are proved unreliable, customers seem to feel the opposite about companies until they get to know them.

So don't risk possible clients just judging a book by its cover, welcome them in and share your unique story.

Use the About Us page on your website wisely: give the jargon-free backstory of how your company came into being. Show people a behind-the-scenes peek at how it all works, introduce you and your team on your blog.

Give them something to invest in – think of it as a superhero origins story.

Product story: memorable

You many feel your product is so good it speaks for itself. It doesn't. The world is full of must-have items or can't-live-without services. How will yours stand out?

The best marketers use amazing content to capture customers' attention and draw them in, building a bond between them.

Stories that resonate with the reader stay longer in the memory. How does your product solve the target customer's problems? Can they actually see it do that? Many people's visual memory is much stronger than their verbal one. Showing your product in action in a short video will be much more memorable than a short paragraph of words no matter how sparkling the copy.

Customer story: connection

People connect and create meaningful bonds with other humans initially. This, in turn, can translate into brand loyalty but only if you talk – and LISTEN – to your customers' stories.

Note what they say through direct feedback and social listening.

Now is also the time to mine all that lovely data collected in your CRM system.

You already know what they order, how they like to be contacted, their personal details, their buying behaviour.

Build up a customer profile to figure out what their expectations are and use that to refine your own service, whether it is a targeted email campaign or sending an exclusive discount.

Customers want to feel understood and businesses now have the information at their fingertips to do just that.

I presume we are all going to live happily ever after that!


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