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School's out but lessons can still be learnt on CRM

While school's out and the office is quiet, it is no time to kick back and wait for business to start up again in earnest in September.

Act now and use this valuable down time to go back to class and learn how to get the best of the best customer relationship management system.

Whether it is an in-depth full coverage training for the whole team or a brush-up of skills in particular areas, Leviosa consultants can deliver Act! training packages nationwide to ensure your next sales campaign is an A*.

New students

By doing our homework on your firm's existing processes, Leviosa can streamline them into a customised Act! package that will work harder and more efficiently for you.

Those who are new to such a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system may not appreciate immediately the impact it can have on the whole business.

Full training for new users can help them unleash the potential of a fully integrated database, calendar and task management system.

Knowledge is power!

Recent graduate

After using Act! for a short while, you have probably figured out all the ways in which the CRM system has vastly benefited the company from instant access to all aspects of communications with your business’s contacts to informing campaign strategy.

Now is the time to take stock and think if Act! could be further tailored to make it the perfect fit for your core business needs or if there are functions of which you may not feel you are making the best use.

Learning through experience is a great way to pinpoint what your CRM system needs to be doing for you.

Working with our trainers can make the changes that will give you the results you need.

Refresher course

It is easy in a fast-paced work environment to forget to invest in the team when they are already doing such a great job.

But timely training is a great reminder to experienced users of the system's full capabilities.

Are they using forecasting tools and built-in report facilities to their greatest potential?

Extra training in ways to make day-to-day roles easier and investing in database functions to send sales stratospheric also has the added advantage of letting the team know they are valued and worth investing in.

Master class

You've thoroughly examined what you needed for the business to thrive and your team is getting A grades all the way, outperforming the competition by making the most of the customer data revealed by Act!

Congratulations, this is what Leviosa's top class training on a top class CRM system can do for a business.

If you would like help in getting your CRM to make the grade, get in touch with Leviosa here.