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Reigniting your relationship with customers 

Relationships with your customers, like any personal relationship, should follow some simple golden rules to make sure that you keep the fire burning.

In any relationship, you have to work hard and it is important to not take your existing customers for granted, make sure that they feel loved, valued, appreciated and listened to.

Here are Levoisa’s top tips to make sure that love is in the air this Valentine’s:


The key to any good relationship is communication. This means really listening to your customers, and taking actions on what you have heard, making them feel special. Make sure if you ask a question that you are attentive to the response. Remember the communication is not all about you and your sales pitch – it is about them. Never assume that your customers are satisfied. Make sure you are continually communicating so that the customer experience is improved.

I just called to say, I love you

Make sure that if you lose contact with a customer that you reignite the relationship and then maintain it. Send an email, give them a call. Make them feel love. This does not always have to mean a free extra or a discount just make sure they know you still value them and are thinking about them. If you come across some information that you think a customer would find useful – send them a note. Go the extra mile to maintain trust and not only will they continue to be a happy customer but will say nice things about you to their friends – your prospective next business relationship.

Little black book

It is all well and good knowing that communication is key but if you have not got up to date contact information then you could have lost that special one – who would have meant the next big contract. Keep your contact information up to date and if possible, get a variety of contact information so you have more channels to reach a customer to rekindle the relationship.

Don’t keep secrets

It is important to be open and honest with your customers, make sure the service you are providing is the right one for them and tell them when it is not, so you can make sure you do find the best product. Treat your customer how you would expect to be treated and be authentic. Most people can see through a disingenuous sales pitch. Be yourself with your customers, making sure they get the best deal and be confident your good business traits will shine through.

Keep your promises

Don’t be a let-down. Always do what you say you are going to do – otherwise just don’ t say it at all. Whether that is saying you are going to call back at a certain time, will send them more information by Wednesday or guaranteeing shipment by a certain date, make sure it gets done. A broken promise makes it harder to regain trust. If, you can't fulfil a promise, let them know as soon as you can - honesty is the best policy. Things can and do go wrong, the difference between good service and bad is how you deal with issues.

Don’t have a bad break up

Winning back the hearts of customers is much easier than starting the dating game with a new customer, as long as you did not have a bad break up. There could be many reasons why customers might not need your services at this moment in time – but make sure that you remain on good terms and keep in touch to let them know that they are valued and that you never stopped thinking about them.

It is not over until the titles roll

Like any good romantic movie, you should never stop chasing your customers. If there has been a loss of trust, show them you have changed. Do what you can to please them, so they fall in love with you all over again and come running back with open arms so you can walk off into the sunset together.