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Make sure your CRM doesn't give you chills

Don’t be spooked by managing data, having a good CRM system in place means you won’t get a fright.

The TRICK to good customer relationship management is TREATING them – and their information - right.

Yes, this is a Halloween-themed blog, ladies and gentlemen. I make no apologies for the use of pumpkintastic puns to try to persuade you data isn't something to dread.

No skeletons in the closet

This is something you already know: better information keeps you better informed of what your customer and potential customer is going to want.

Many businesses get frightened by the magnitude of dealing with all the great information that can mined from consumers or prospects and choose put their heads in the sand. Instead they try to work harder rather than smarter.

But if you pay attention and get to grips with all the easy-to-use tools available, there will be no nasty surprises in customer interactions.

Instil a reverence for and rigorous approach to harvesting and reporting data and your team will reap the rewards of improved efficiency and increased opportunities.

Horror story

Imagine shelling out for an CRM system and then just using it as a bog standard contacts database. That sound you are hearing is the strangled screams of frustration from data managers everywhere and our trainers here at Leviosa HQ.

A good CRM system is a versatile and powerful tool when used properly and tailored to your business needs.

It's not witchcraft (well, you can get of this world results so we're not entirely sure!). All it takes is investing some time working out the business needs, with the input of Leviosa, and then our expert trainers will walk your staff through the bespoke system leaving them spellbound by how much better the team will perform with the addition of Swiftpage ACT!

Witch/which CRM tool is best for you? (see what I did there!)

So what can a CRM system do to carve out some sense from all this giant raw data pumpkin which is threatening to overwhelm?

Turn away from the dark side and get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. Corporate consistency is easier to achieve when colleagues all access the same single database.

The ability to automatically segment customer data means marketing campaigns can be targeted with laser-like precision - no more wasted communications because of outdated information.

Streamlining customer management and business processes reduces day-to-day pressure on the team.

Tracking sales opportunities, activities and interactions using well-managed data is the key to upping the company's growth.

They do say the devil is in the detail but making proper use of a good CRM system can feel like heaven!

Act! provides instant access to every detail of your commericial relationships - names; phone numbers; addresses; notes from previous conversations; appointment details; call histories; a list of follow-up activities; sales forecasting tools and reports; along with a diary; task lists and reminders; with everything shareable across the business, both in and out of the office. Contact 01204 306 834 to find out more.