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Buying a CRM software solution is like buying a treadmill in order to lose weight…(Part 1)

Leviosa Treadmill
It’s true, honestly!
This may seem a strange thing to say as Leviosa provide one of the most well-known solutions on the market, a piece of software that has been around for about 27 years now and is still selling in ever increasing numbers. There is even an industry in its own right of developers who have written add-ons, or enhancements to it and are making a very tidy living out of making it more bespoke for customers. We have even done a couple of application developments ourselves which have transformed the way the product responds and delivers significant additional benefits over the core product on behalf of customers.
So, why will buying a CRM software solution not help you grow your business? I know it’s a strange thing to say as we have made our living out of selling and supporting CRM software for over 10 years, but believe me, it is true. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that some of our customers are definitely not getting the most out of the work we have done with them and some should be doing much better than they are, the question is, why?

Let me explain, not that you ever doubted I was going to…
It’s now the first part of the year, not very long ago hundreds of thousands of people made New Year Resolutions to get fit by joining a gym, or purchasing some item of home equipment, many of them are no fitter now than they were during the last days of December, and the only pounds they have lost are prefaced by a £ symbol. As I believe I remember Sarah Millican saying not too long ago… “I bought a treadmill to lose weight… no one told me you had to use it!”

Part two follows shortly...