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Keeping up with CRM during the holiday season

We are rapidly approaching the summer holiday season. As the annual out of office email relay begins, projects and purchasing decisions delay until after the big getaway.

If your business is experiencing a slow-down, don't wait for September to ramp things up. Embrace the summer and make it work for you.

Revisit your business goals

We are a third of the way through the financial year.

Are you where you want to be? Are the slow summer sales down to a lack of manpower or in fact, inefficient technology and processes.

Stop wasting valuable time on work that could be automated when your energies should focussed on achieving your targets. Take time to do a data cleanse now, then set up an email marketing campaign, automated and scheduled all using your CRM system so it is ready to go in September.

Take a deep dive into your CRM data to review staff performance and see where there are blockages in the sales funnel. Analyse where you are and why.

School is not out for summer

With customers away, now is the time to get your staff training up to scratch. There is the inevitable need to work around internal holidays but with a bit of careful planning, your own personal summer school is in session.

Leviosa training consultants provide customer relationship management training and support across the UK. Our expertise is grounded in years of working with Swiftpage Act!, and training users to make more sales, more often.

Our bespoke packages cover the full range of Act! features, including creating ready-to-use contact databases that give a single view of customer information; targeting prospects; managing sales pipelines; coordination of on-line sales team activities; coordinating Act! with Outlook applications; and export of databases to Excel from Act!.

Invest in your staff now and the business will reap the benefits later.


It's time to bring back the business lunch!

Meeting with your best clients when life isn't so manic is making work a pleasure. It is a wonderfully civilised way to smooth and enhance a productive relationship. Getting to know customers personally and being part of the community can open all sorts of doors, which just wouldn't happen eating at the desk.

Attend the networking events, fundraisers or golf days you usually have to decline due to time pressure. These are all excellent opportunities to harvest data to populate your CRM system, which will pay dividends down the line, as well as being great fun.

Take time for yourself

You may have two weeks off in the sun planned but that is not enough to sustain you for a whole year.

Leaving the office at lunchtime during the winter is nothing more than a mad dash through the drizzle to pick up a sandwich.

Take advantage of the good weather (fingers crossed) and the lighter evenings to grab some vital vitamin D and pick a picnic instead.

Give your head a holiday by going for a run or walk. You will have squeezed in some brain-boosting exercise as well as properly switching off.

Leviosa is here to help you and your business work smarter not harder for summer. Contact us today to find out how our CRM system Swiftpage Act! will boost your leads and sales. Call 01204 306 834.