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Make sure your customer relations strategy is still on target this summer 

Just like England need a new strategy following the disappointment of the team’s early exist from the Euros, you need to have the best strategies in place for your business this summer to keep your fans happy.

At this time of year, clients may well be getting ready to switch their out of office on and hit the beach, but you should be thinking about how to best maintain customer relations during this quiet period to make sure business is still coming home.

Having the right kit

From the kick-off, it is important during your busy periods to be vigilant in collecting data so that when you have a quiet period, you can use the down time to look more in depth into your client’s needs and what actions you can take.

Remembering personal information, like when someone is going on holiday, and sending them well wishes for their break, lets your client know you care about them. Add notes to your database and then before you call or email, take a look at them so you're up to speed.

It could be that you send out a holiday themed email marketing, with a postcard template saying ‘enjoy your break’ or give them a pre-holiday offer not to be missed. It could also mean that you arrange a pre-holiday networking event and give away ice-cream.

Also, not forgetting with the digital age in full swing, clients do not disappear off the face of the earth when they jet off on a plane, CEO’s and MD’s are still looking at their phones pool side – so make sure you are one of the interesting emails they decide to open or a Facebook post they like and share – even when they are kicking back with a cocktail in hand.

Maintain a strong line up

Use your down periods to update your website with new reviews and testimonials that you have collected during your high season of work. Use stories you have gathered to create email marketing, blog posts and social media updates. If your business also creates great visuals, share videos or photos of past work during the summer to keep you in mind at all times.

Make your clients feel special and keep your content up to date, at the same time, by profiling them on your website, or better still, ask customers to share tips, advice and strategies. You get content and both get a boost in marketing, along with giving your customer a feel good factor.

Keep your team upbeat

It could be disheartening for your sales team during the quiet periods but you should be giving them techniques and strategies to continue to maintain and develop the existing customers in your database, so they can start off on a good footing when the next high season starts. But the slower sales can also give them the opportunity to get out there and pitch for new business. Offer staff an incentive to become the ‘Man of the match’ if they manage to increase the database the most during the summer.

So, at the end of the day, what you need to do is use your summer time wisely and make the most of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – so your communications don’t slip – I just wish the same could be said for the England team.

If you would like help in getting your CRM into the right positions get in touch with Leviosa here.