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How to make sure your staff feel loved and maintain passion for their job

Last year we showed you how to woo your customers and maintain a wonderful relationship with them.

But it isn't just clients who need to feel the love. It is always good for staff to rediscover the passion for their job.

Let them know how much you care by rolling out a top quality customer relationship management system and all the little niggles that occur in any long-term relationship will be resolved.

Here are four reasons employees deserve to be remembered this Valentine's Day too.

Don't just get their number

Imagine setting up a date just using a phone book. These days people know so much more about each other before they even order their starters at their first dinner. It would be considered remiss not to look them up on Facebook, Instagram or follow them on Twitter, but you are highly unlikely to phone them. Sales teams can do so much more with extra information such as how and when prospects like to be contacted and a detailed purchase history. Make it easier for them find this information with a clear 360 degree view of each client.

Make a date

An integrated calendar helps sales reps manage their working day with full diary features, a task-list and reminder functions. With all this information at their fingertips, in the office or on the road via tablets or mobile phones, reps cannot fail to be in the right place at the right time. And as the whole office can access this information for superior staff time management across the board. To help make a good impression, every piece of contact information is linked to these functions. Your team will never have to struggle to recall vital facts that will wow their date.

Will they, won't they?

In any good romcom there are obstacles along the path to true love. A good three quarters of the film is spent with missed connections and misread signs. After a period of getting to know each other and working out how good they could be together, they seal the deal, probably next to a huge outdoor Christmas tree just as the first flakes of snow start to fall. Sadly CRM can't provide the romantic setting but its forecasting tools can cut through the toing and froing by tracking opportunities right through the sales funnel, predicting accurately when prospect will be ready for your staff to close the deal. A film with this kind of facility would be about 10 minutes long!

Made for each other

They say there is someone for everyone and what suits one will not suit another. The same is true of businesses. Every one of them has very individual needs specific to their size and sector, among other things. So it is important that any CRM is not off-the-peg but reflects the business', users' and customers' need. At Leviosa, we like to indulge in a spot of matchmaking. We study your existing processes, streamline them in conjuction with your staff and customise your Act! package to make a marriage made in heaven.

Leviosa’s Act! Training can help your staff to fall in love with all of Swiftpage Act! features all over again. For more information call: 01204 306834.