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So, your strategy to get and keep customers is based on..?

What's Your Strategy

You’ve been in business for years, it all works and you don’t have any major issues.

Sound familiar? Good, then you don’t need to read any further, you are sorted…

However, if you’ve been in business for years, it sort of works and you occasionally wish your cash flow was better, you won more customers and you spent less time chasing around for orders then perhaps you should read on...

We all need Customers. That is one of the inalienable facts of life if you are in business, no matter what it is you do. Someone has to swap their hard earned cash for whatever it is that you provide.

Broadly speaking, we all need to find a new and steady supply of customers and if you’ve been in business a few years then you have already worked out a way to do this with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Let’s call it your CAS...Customer Acquisition Strategy (I do like a good abbreviation!)

This is how you find a prospect, court and convert them into a paying customer.

It may be that you are really fortunate in that you have something fairly unique, and as a result people beat a path to your door, I have come across business like this, very specialist, very niche and doing very nicely.

They never attend early morning networking session, never cold call or spend days at a trade shows!

Sadly that’s more of a reality for the rest of us.

Over the years I have done all these things, worked with customers who have done them too, and I made the same glaring mistakes that I now see some of my customers making too.

It can be neatly encapsulated by two simple letters:


Follow Up!

All too often I call on customers weeks after that have attended an event, collected loads of business cards and enquiries.

Only to then fail to do anything with it!

They would have been better taking a three day mini break with the family. It would have cost them less, been less stressful and they would at least have returned to work with a more relaxed attitude.

And if that was the only thing that they do, it wouldn’t be too bad.

Sadly, it seldom ends there!

They then struggle to realise why, despite “invested all that time and money” they only managed to get an extra couple of customers.

The only reason that they got them was because of the tenacity of the customer in question, who despite their best efforts, hunted them down and made them sell to them.

It’s also rare that whatever it is that you sell will only ever be sold to a customer once in their lifetime.

I often ask clients how many times they sell to a single customer and often they justify a single invoice with some half-hearted excuse with some nonsense or other.

Winning a customer once is hard; selling to them a second time should be easy... as long as we ask.

Generally, we don’t!

I have never really worked out why!

My original abbreviation is incorrect, it shouldn’t be CAS, it should be CAARS

Customer Acquisition And Retention Strategy

It’s not difficult. A well thought out plan, some basic record keeping and a bit of automation will make it much much easier to grow your business, perhaps even double it. And the really odd thing is, you can do it with a lot less effort than currently.

If you want an example, click here to find out how Dawn added a whole new revenue stream with a few extra minutes a month:


(She’s the blonde lady in the video in the top right hand corner!)