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How a good CRM system makes maintaining great relationships a piece of cake

If the shock news that Love Productions has sold The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 teaches us anything it is how NOT to do customer relationship management.

The top-rated show had enjoyed seven glorious years at the BBC. Its beloved quintessential Britishness chimed perfectly with nation's broadcaster.

But now the controversial £75m move, amid accusations of greed and disloyalty, has left rather sour taste in the mouth.

It is standard practice to try and avoid this kind of dissatisfaction by really paying attention to what the consumer wants.

Find the sweet spot

Love Productions did not seem realise what their core audience, the Great British Public, felt strongly about.

The more a business know about its customers, the better equipped it will be to keep them them coming back for more.

Data is the key ingredient. A good customer relationship management (CRM) system is a powerful tool that takes all the information collected by the sales teams, customer interaction and online behaviour and analyses it to find out what makes your customers tick.

Right ingredients

Popular presenters Mel and Sue, along with judge Mary Berry, have exited the famous tent leaving permatanned Paul Hollywood facing the prospect of pronouncing on soggy bottoms alone – and it seems the audience will be following the ladies' lead.

Having a great product is not enough if your customers don't like your approach. Knowing who likes to be contacted by email but is positively irritated by phone calls, or at what stage of the sales pipeline a prospect is, is valuable information but a successful business can be drowning in these details before they know it.

Technical challenge

A good CRM system takes all the hard work out of managing the data and transforming it into useable formats that will improve customer retention, identify potential customers, improve organisation and ultimately drive profit up.

It does this by organising your contacts, tracking sales and productivity to reveal opportunities to cross or up-sell to your existing customer base, or attracting new customers and improving customer satisfaction.

Star baker

Here at Leviosa, we find Act! is our star baker. It is an absolute showstopper, in terms of customer relationship management solutions. The customisable system is delivered to clients with the support of our highly experienced consultants.

Training covers the full range of Act! Features - including creating ready-to-use contact databases with a single view of customer information; calendar scheduling; targeting new prospects; managing sales pipelines and coordination of on-line sales team activities - to help make sure our customers are as satisfied with us as yours will be with you.

After all, customer relationship management is what we are all about!

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