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Happy new year from the Swiftpage Act! experts Leviosa

Should auld acquaintance be forgot... no, no stop right there.

No acquaintance – auld or new – are ever forgot or indeed forgotten at Leviosa - and the same could happen for you with good CRM.

With a customer relationship management system in place everyone your company has ever dealt with is recorded along with their full details, order history and preferences.

So if an important client got missed off this year's Christmas card list or you just want to capitalise on the busy festive trading period more effectively, here are a few tips to starting 2017 with a bang – and may be a new CRM sytem.

For a better new year, review the old one

A CRM system streamlines communications and ensures customer data remains organised and accessible, even after an influx of new customers at Christmas.

Analysing 2016's data will help your teams start to develop and build long term relationships, informing business decisions that will continue well into 2017 and beyond.

Be sure to check staff, old or new, are fully conversant with all the applications of the business's CRM system. There is no point having all this power at their fingertips and not using it. Leviosa consultants provide bespoke training on any specific areas of Act! Software required.

And if the Christmas card list was a headache this year, segment data to create two separate lists - one for cards, the other for gifts. As new customers are added to CRM over the next year the lists will automatically update. Christmas 2017 will be an efficient breeze!

New year resolution

The lull after the festive period is the perfect time to set aims for the year. It will give the whole business sense of purpose and direction.

Assess how teams or even specific products have performed using the reporting facility for an in-depth snapshot of where things are at.

Evaluating individual staff performance, using the analytics built into a good CRM system, can indicate where more training is needed, for example, training on closing sales may be needed, which will benefit the staff member's career development as well as the business.

Analysing the trends revealed by the metrics will help anticipate opportunities and track prospects already in the system, therefore making setting achievable targets easier.

Start as you mean to go on

The ability to share data in real time means after the holiday period staff organisation-wide can be bang-up-to-date at the touch of a button the minute the Out Of Office notice comes off their email.

They will be fully briefed to use the newly gathered customer intelligence to form detailed consumer profiles, which will be the basis of a personalised approach to business that should see your company reaping the dividends in 2017.

Segmenting data and individualised messaging has never been more important or more achievable.

With CRM systems such as Act!- there really is no excuse for bland, boring, one-size-fits-all communications anymore.

We would like to wish all of our customers a very happy and prosperous new year!

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