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Do you know what's hot and what's not? Never miss an opportunity with Act! CRM

Ever feel a bit out in the cold? Lacking in focus on how to make your business a white hot success? The answers are all there in your metrics.

It is very simple: the more you learn, the more you earn. Everything your business needs to know to drive up sales can be found in a well-populated customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Turning the heat up using the powerful opportunity tools available in a good CRM will help keep a loyal customer base and forecast potential sales using data mined by your reps.

The best CRMs provide built-in analytical tools, capable of sifting through the raw data and discovering the actionable knowledge that can be used to help build effective and efficient sales strategies.

And not keeping up with an ever-evolving sales landscape will lead to dead ends, wasted time, effort, and money, and can even end up with potential clients giving you the cold shoulder.

Act! allows businesses to keep detailed progress notes and see the probability of a deal being closed, giving control of your sales pipeline so you can strike while the iron is hot with those opportunities most likely to close.

By analysing the critical business metrics using Act! Opportunity tools, you gain a deeper understanding of individual and team performance and make strategic decisions.

So, what are the hot metrics to which you should be paying attention?

Surprisingly, it is not revenue per rep. Although this is a good indicator of success already achieved, it is not necessarily the best place to look for ways to kindle improvement.

Try checking out the opportunity win rate metrics. Some reps may be excellent at everything but closing a deal. Keeping an eye on the opportunity status stats could identify a need for extra training to convert sales. And suddenly a lukewarm rep is blazing a trail for everyone else to follow.

Time is money. Act! automatically registers every time an opportunity is accessed and how far it has progressed along the sales pipeline. It is easy to see the length of time taken to close the deal.

Using the powerful filtering tools, it is possible to cut through the enormous quantity of data to find what opportunities are closing this month. With this knowledge, it is easier to zero in on what requires immediate action.

Are you focusing on small easy wins when you should be aiming for the lucrative larger ones? Tracking average deal size means you can easily see if the business is trending towards the small when it should be setting its sights a bit higher.

Leviosa provides all the training required to harness the full power of Act! sales metrics. Call 01204 306834 to talk through how to get your business firing on all cylinders.

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