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Don't let managing your customer relationships stress you out

Ever feel at your wits' end? Overwhelmed by information? Frustrated that you can't lay your hands on what you want immediately?

It is popular belief we are all suffering from stress and life is too fast-paced for our own good. This is even Stress Awareness Month.

But I believe the modern world is mostly great and getting better all the time, and technology plays a large part in reducing the stress in everyday life. Most advances happen because a very smart person at some time or another thought: "There has to be an easier way of doing this."

Which is why I feel my own stress levels rise when people who are clearly struggling shun technology's helping hand.

I understand the desire to go off-grid and switch off regularly but weigh that up against getting rid of paperwork and making my business more efficient and I say plug in me into the system!

Even at its most basic a customer relationship management system (CRM) makes a business more efficient.

Imagine the days before ready-to-use contact databases that give you a single view of all the information of one particular customer from thousands of business records.

Contemplate the amount of time that was wasted furiously leafing through sheaves of paperwork, relying on the conscientiousness of your colleagues or predecessor.

In days gone by, sales people lugged about huge diaries and spend vast amounts of time co-ordinating schedules and reporting back. It was a full-time job just to keep track of where everyone was let alone planning for the future.

Now with CRM calendar scheduling and task management, it is a doddle. The whole team, no matter how large, knows where everyone is and where prospects are up to in the sales funnel. Should a team member be off sick or leave, a colleague can pick up where they left off and be briefed in a matter of minutes.

Think of the benefits of not ever having to pass that information on to a colleague ever again because the whole team has these details at their fingertips.

No more tearing your hair out after another piece of paper with vital information goes missing. No more stifled screams as a company message has somehow become distorted in a giant game of Chinese whispers.

With this sort of accountability, the team works harder for each other and the company, building a great team spirit and work ethic.

Just with these two basic business tasks solved by a CRM system, time and stress have been hugely reduced in offices.

That knowledge does more to lower my stress levels than a round of golf followed by a soak in the hot tub!

And you can relax further by outsourcing ongoing training or new staff inductions to a professional trainer associated with the CRM system in use in your business. At this rate, you will be so laidback you will almost be horizontal.

Are you feeling stressed? Get in on the Act! with Leviosa and see if we can alleviate some of your information overload on 01204 306834 or www.leviosa.co.uk/contact.html