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Buying a CRM software solution is like buying a treadmill in order to lose weight…(Part 2)

Leviosa Treadmill
In my last blog I discussed the idea that a CRM solution is often bought by a businesses and then, when it fails to deliver the promises, is abandoned, leaving only an expense and no further benefits for the business, In this concluding article, I discuss what a CRM actually is and how it WILL work for you.

… “I bought a treadmill to lose weight… no one told me you had to use it!”

The same is true for a piece of CRM software.

The most important part of any CRM solution is the process.

It’s a fairly safe bet that if you have been in business for more than about a year and the office runs reasonably well, i.e., it’s not a complete clutter fest and you have half a chance of finding a number to return a calls, then you already have a reasonably successful CRM…which, after all, stands for Customer Relationship Management.

You will notice that there is no reference to Software or anything even remotely resembling a PC or technology of any kind. Nor is it even really all about Customers (People who have bought from them), most people’s biggest focus is on people who they would like to become Customers, or what we loosely call Prospects (People who they are currently engaged with about actually buying from them). Even then they wouldn’t make up the biggest proportion of many lists. Most of them we would class as Suspects, (Not that they are necessary dodgy in any way, but they are people they think could buy from them).

It’s all about process… How they find a suspect and take them through to Prospect and into being a customer. And then keeping them as a customer by selling to them again, and again, and again…


As long as they do this consistently and reliably and have identified how this works rather than being a constant run of happy accidents then they have a CRM system.

It’s this that needs incorporating into a piece of Software. If the above statement is not true then no amount of software is going to help!!!

20 minutes on a treadmill every day will help you shed a few pounds, using your CRM software properly will definitely make you thousands!