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Why choosing your CRM system should be as personal as choosing your favourite pie filling

As nation of pie fanatics, we love nothing better than some gorgeous gooey stew wrapped in a crisp crust.

With British Pie Week just around the corner (March 6-12) a slice of something hot and savoury is never far from my mind.

Did you know 75 per cent of people enjoy a pie at least once a month, according to independent research by Toluna, and you have really got to ask why it isn't more when there is literally a pie to suit all tastes.

From the straight-forward steak bake or chicken and mushroom, to the footie fan's favourite the balti pie, pastry perfection can be fashioned to accommodate anyone's requirements.

And so too can CRM systems – you were wondering when I was going to get round to that, weren't you?

Well, it is all about choice and personalisation. If you walk into a restaurant/pie shop and were told they only had game pie and you had to like it or lump it, there is every chance you would leave. You may not like game pie, you may be vegetarian or may be it didn't suit someone else in your party.

It is the same with a CRM system. One size does not fit all. And anyone who sells you a standard CRM system off the peg either doesn't care about their customers or doesn't understand what CRM is about.

Either way, you should steer clear. It would be an enormous fluke if what they flogged you was what you actually wanted – the same as the game pie seller.

Instead, you need a quality CRM system that is fully customisable to suit your specifications, a consultant who will sit down with your team to fully understand your business needs and recommend how best to configure the system and a trainer who will ensure every member of staff gets the necessary information to get the most out of what CRM data can offer.

Fancy mash with your pie, rather chips? That's great, we can do that. Or a side order of peas?

Consider what ingredients your CRM needs. You will probably be using it to create ready-to-use contact databases that give you a single view of all your customer information along with calendar scheduling and task management.

Your sales team would definitely benefit from functions that targeted new prospects, managed sales pipelines and coordinated of on-line activities.

Do you need it to work with Outlook applications or export databases to Excel?

At Leviosa, we customise features and functions of Swiftpage's Act! CRM to give you a customer relationship management tool that suits your business's needs and will deliver maximum benefit. Swiftpage also has a range of add-ons and new features that will enhance your business working, such as Helpdesk for Act!, E-marketing and HandHeld Contact.

Get in touch on 01204 306834 or send us message here to see if we have got the right recipe for you. And if you are off to the chippie, mine's a steak and pie please!