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Are you making a list and checking it twice?

'Tis the season to feel a little overwhelmed if you do not have processes in place to make the busy festive period a piece of (Christmas) cake.

A good customer relationship management (CRM) system is like having your own team of elves hard at work for the benefit of the whole business.

Last year shoppers spent £24bn online in the run-up to Christmas up 12 per cent from 2014, according to Capgemini, and it is a expected to be another bumper year.

Swiftpage Act has all the toys available to fully personalise the system to fit your business needs. Take advantage of these peak periods to gather as much information as possible about your customers and let it work its Christmas magic the whole year round.

Christmas card list

The days of sending the season's greetings through the post are clearly on the wane with many environmentally conscious businesses shunning rainforests' worth of card.

The plop of ecards into an inbox may not have the jolly feel of tradition yet but there is still the same need to generate a list of names and addresses.

CRM systems store data in a structured way so it can be easily recalled.

It can be segmented to determine which prized clients will receive a gift as well as the charming Christmas GIF.

And this ability to segment will stand you in good stead during next year too for informed communications with clients and prospects. It is like a Christmas gift that keeps giving to your sales team.

Personalised presents

People put so much thought into buying presents and you should show the same amount of care for your customers.

Use CRM data to develop targeted marketing of your products or services to stand out from the crowd.

If a customer has bought a Christmas turkey from you for the last three years, it is likely they will do so again.

Knowing this, you can send them information on the different turkeys available this year and use the opportunity to upsell a cold cuts selection for the Boxing Day spread too.

Personalised suggestions can relieve the headache of present buying too, creating goodwill and loyalty that will last well beyond the final mince pie.

Knowing what approach will be most appealing to which customer is the key to success.

Track previous interactions to reveal whether they are the sort to who respond to discount offers or the 'spoil yourself' luxury of big occasions.

Just sending out a blanket email is to waste the gift of CRM data and possibly miss out on sales.

Stocking fillers

If a CRM system has been in place long enough, it is possible to analyse customer data and anticipate what sort of purchases will be made during the festive period.

Knowing what different customers will buy and when makes stock optimisation easy, avoiding the dreaded overstocking and maximising profit.

Make sure your business has its CRM all wrapped up,contact Keith at Leviosa on 01204 306834 and see how Swiftpage Act! can make your Christmas wishes come true.