What we do - Act! training

Our Act! training consultants provide training and support across the UK.

Our expertise and know-how is grounded in years of working with Act!, and training clients to get the best out of it.

Act! is the Rolls Royce of customer relationship management solutions. But what’s the use of owning one, if you don’t know how to drive it?

Our training package is designed to give clients the know-how and confidence to use Act! in a way that will bring real benefits to your business.

We work with new clients and returning clients who want to brush up their skills on Act! and get the most out of their customer database.

The key to this customer relationship management solution is its flexibility and wide-range of features.

Our training packages cover the full range of Act! features, including creating ready-to-use contact databases that give you and your teams a single view of all your customer information; calendar scheduling and task management; targeting new prospects; managing sales pipelines; coordination of on-line sales team activities; coordinating Act! with Outlook applications; and export of databases to Excel from Act!.

What we also do is help you to make the most of Act!. So, we won’t just supply Act! out-of-the-box to you. Instead, we’ll look at your existing processes and help you to make them simpler and more efficient by customising your Act! package to suit your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Act!, an existing Act! user, or just curious about what this solution could deliver to your business, contact us today.